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Wind Farms are Fine

By Manny Paiva

So what is wrong with wind farms?

We have been hearing in the news more and more about companies who are looking at land across our region to develop new wind farms.

Many of you likely won't agree with me -- but personally -- I don't see a problem with this type of development.

I don't buy the argument that these turbines will disturb our picturesque view.

As you know -- these proposals call for the multi metre high turbines to be on farm land -- away from a tourist area.

How many people stand in a farmer's field and watch the sunset?

I am sure many of you will go elsewhere to watch the sunset.

And here's my other point -- it's an opportunity for the struggling farmer to make some money and rent out or sell some land.

Now I do agree with some of the comments from local politicians -- that Ontario's new Green Energy Act takes any valuable comment and decision-making away from the local municipality.

I don't like the idea that someone at Queens Park is making a decision about a wind turbine in our own backyard.

But people -- we all have to face facts.

We are moving to a more green society -- and our province and our region can lead the way by being home to these wind turbines.

By the way -- these wind farms will also provide more electricity to Ontario's power grid.

Not that we need more with this cool summer.

Still, I don't know about you -- but I don't want to see a repeat of the summer blackout of 2004.

Instead, I wouldn't mind seeing wind turbines.

From Where I Sit, I'm Manny Paiva


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