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Swearing is Good ?

By Phil Birchard

A new study out from some British scientists says that swearing might actually be good for you after all.

The report found that volunteers managed to withstand pain longer when they resorted to cussing, while those who watched their tongue didn't.

And I take this as welcome news, as someone who does use the occasional swear word from time to time.

I'm still firmly stuck in my belief that swearing does not mean that you are intellectually lower on the totem-pole of smarts than the person who chooses not to swear.

I mean, it was Malcolm X himself who said that a man swears when he does not have the words to express himself.

So I'm going to continue to use foul language when I stub my toe, or hit my head on my ever so low car door.

And I'll sleep soundly knowing that because of my swearing, I felt less pain than someone who uttered "friggin" door instead.

And I'm sure people wont hold it against you either if you decide to join my movement.

Just remember to tell your kids to cover their ears before you do.

I'm Phil Birchard


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