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Making Waves


By Ross Kentner

I try to write something every summer for our visitors+?G??-?a sort of insider+?G??G??s guide to what to see, what to do up here. But this is for everybody and I hope you take it in the spirit I offer it.

You+?G??G??ve heard the question "Do blondes have more fun?" I have no way of knowing but I can tell you that life is more fun in a convertible. How so?

#10 Canadian winters are too long not to make the most of summer.

#9 Canadian summers are too short to waste in a sedan.

#8 You+?G??G??ll never need another tanning session.

#7 There+?G??G??s no point spending money on your hair now.

#6 For the first time, you+?G??G??ll realize there are singing birds everywhere.

(Of course, now you+?G??G??ll carry an emergency singing bird interior clean-up kit.)

#5 Even a rainy day is romantic in a convertible.

#4 Both sexes are attracted to convertibles and smile automatically.

#3 Children and senior citizens are attracted to convertibles and smile automatically.

#2 Convertibles don+?G??G??t stay cleaner but you want to wash them more often.

And the #1 reason to drive a convertible+?G??-?no matter what make, model, year, shape or size+?G??-?I+?G??G??m telling you, convertibles are MORE FUN!

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