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Celebrate Canada Day

By Deb Shaw

Next Wednesday is Canada Day.

One of my favourite days!

As many of you know, I live in Meaford and I love the Canada day activities there.

For over 25 years the now small Meaford Kinsman Club have been providing Canada Day fireworks for all to enjoy and the end of this special day.

The 30-40 minute show costs the Kinsman club in access of 75 hundred dollars and over 100 man-hours!

The Meaford and District Firefighters are also always on hand just incase.

This is a huge undertaking for these local volunteers.

They pay the costs through some sponsor help and through there own coffers raised in the community at various events over the year, and as I was somewhat surprised to hear -- only about 3 thousand dollars through donations at the event.

Many volunteers man the corners around the beautiful Meaford harbour asking for donations -- sadly it seems to be even more common now for local residents to find a way not to donate.

They go to homes in the area to watch for free or they give the volunteers an excuse for not paying -- I forgot my wallet -- I have no cash -- really, come on!

I am asking all who attend to please make a donation -- just a small one -- and suggest that if it is inconvenient to make one on site that night you can do so in advance by contacting Tom Bumstead at Peninsula Ford Meaford.

There are many firework displays and other Canada Day activities throughout our listening area.

Please go out and enjoy them.

Make the most of our Day -- and please support all those who work so hard to make these events happen -- let's ensure that they continue for our children and grandchildren to enjoy as well.

From where I sit+?G??-?to enjoy the view, I am Deb Shaw


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