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Sad to see Winter leave

By Phil Birchard

It's finally spring.  Spring has sprung.  Spring is here.  Or however you enjoy saying it these days.

Either way, we'll soon be snow free, and I have mixed feelings about it.

I love summer, don't get me wrong.  I am an avid soccer player, bike and enjoy most things outside.  And with the spring season comes the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Which is like a warmer Christmas.  And no big guy in a red suit comes down your chimney during the NHL playoffs.

But I'm also an avid skier.  And having to hang up my ski's for yet another season is always depressing.  In fact, I'm depressed about my depression that ski season is over. 

But I suppose the glass is really half full, not half empty.  I'm not going to have to scrape my car off in the morning now, or wake up early to make sure my door hasn't frozen shut before I go to work.

And I'm not going to have to wonder if I need to wear layers and layers of sweaters under my jacket just because the windchill is minus 35 degrees outside. 

So I'm not upset.  Not at all.  After all, winter is just 8 months away now. 

From where I sit, I'm Phil Birchard.


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