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Unbelievable Health Debate

By Kevin Bernard

If you find the debate over health care in the United States unbelievable, you are not alone.

Town hall style meetings are being held this month, and many have been disrupted by angry voters on both sides of the issue.

President Barack Obama wants to bring in health care coverage for all Americans.

Currently, there are some 47 million Americans without health care coverage and that number is climbing.

Senator Arlen Specter thinks people who have been angrily disrupting public meetings are not necessarily representative of America. 

Specter was harshly jeered and taunted at a meeting in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 

He thinks there are organized protesters heading to the meetings.

If you watch any of this on the all news channels out of the U.S., you'll be amazed as Americans worried that government health care means the dreaded.... Socializing of America.

They worry the government will pick what doctor they can see, and feel the private sector can do a better job ...

Canada has a government run system, and it's not perfect. We have plenty of problems whether it is long waits for operations or not enough doctors.

But everyone is covered -- we have a longer life span than the average American, our cost per person for health care is lower than in the States, and if you want to get extra special coverage by buying your own health insurance, you can.

Americans may not understand, but this is not Russia and we all seem to survive okay.

From Where I Sit, I'm Kevin Bernard.


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