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Politics and business awards

By James Morgan

Should a political party hand out awards?

I asked this question recently when the provincial Green Party announced it was seeking nominations for business excellence awards that would be given to businesses that best reflect its values of social justice and environmental  responsibility.

My question is, what if a business owner doesn't want an award from a political party he or she doesn't support?

There are business owners of all political stripes who care for the environment and believe strongly in various social causes.

Is having a business endorsed by a political party necessarily good for advertising?

It also seems like the Greens are trying to monopolize environmental and social justice issues.

All of the other political parties in Ontario have demonstrated they are quite capable of making positive moves on these issues.

The Conservatives gave us the modern education system, The Liberals are promoting green energy, and the NDP is a party based on social justice.

Political parties generally don't expect society to conform to them, it's the other way around.

When election time comes, we each vote for whoever we feel best represents our personal values.

It seems to me like the Green Party is only offering to reward whoever conforms to their ideas.


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