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Dumb mistake at OLG

By Jim Birchard

What+?G??G??s going on at the Ontario Lottery Corporation or OLG?

Maybe there is something in the air they breathe at the Lottery Corporation HQ, or  maybe someone has spiked the water coolers with stupid pills.

What ever the reason, it+?G??G??s obvious that the top brass at the Lottery Corp are suffering from some form of disorder that has seriously affected their ability to think straight and make intelligent and informed decisions.

Case in point.

The scandal plagued lottery corporation, just getting over the embarrassment of the so called insider lottery wins, now finds itself being slapped on the wrist for buying European made luxury cars as prizes instead of ones produced by Ontario+?G??G??s ailing auto sector.

George Smitherman is the minister responsible for the OLG and he called that decision   quote, a crappy one.

He also blasted the top honcho at the  OLG over the decision to buy 22 Mercedes  Benz cars .

Smitherman says he put CEO Kelly MacDonald on notice that he wont tolerate another huge lapse in judgment especially when the domestic car makers are laying off thousands of workers.

Good for George.

The OLG should be setting a good example by buying Ontario products, not imports.

Ontarians are going out of their way to try and buy locally produced products to protect the jobs of their neighbours and families so too should the Ontario Lottery Corporation.

The last two vehicles I purchased were   both made in Ontario, one a Ford, the other a Toyota.

When I go new car shopping again, unlike the Ontario Lottery Corporation, I won't be seduced by the temptations of the Teutonic auto manufacturers.

I will buy my new vehicle from an Ontario auto manufacturer.


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