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Winter Is Ending, Spring Is Coming

By Mariane McLeod

Another skiff of snow, and there could be a bit more on the way, while the temperatures are, for the first stretch of this winter, neither crazy-warm or crazy-cold. New Year's Eve, when it was minus, like, a million, is not that far back.
During the grey and ugly days when the snow is rotting, and a winter's worth of dog doo starts showing up on the trails, I take heart from a piece of information a gardener gave me a few years ago.
Deep under the ground, right now, even while we speak, even while the sun's rays are still oh, so faint, and the mercury dances with the freezing mark, the daffodils are starting to wake up.
The tulips, 15 centimetres down if you planted them correctly, are filling up, getting ready to send their shoots to the surface. 
The snowdrops are nearly ready to bust through the earth, along with the crocuses.
There is hope on the way. Winter is ending. Spring IS coming.
Of course, the dandelions are also on their way, but we'll deal with them when the time comes.

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