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More Women In Workplace


By Fadi Didi

Canada's agricultural sector should benefit from some items in the new federal budget.

A key area of focus is the expansion of the role of women in the workplace.

The government is making $1.4 billion of new funding available over three years to help female entrepreneurs access capital funding through the Business Development Bank of Canada, for example.

The Federal government plans to launch a new lending product in through Farm Credit Canada.

An FCC spokesperson says the program is in the exploratory stage but says the intent is quite clear and diversity is just as vital as young people to the future of agriculture.


2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Deere & Company.

It revolutionized the farm tractor and ushered in the modern era of farming.

Although the company's history stretches back a little further in time, it was Deere & Company's purchase of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in 1918 that put it on a path to commercial success.

The Waterloo, Iowa based company manufactured the Waterloo Boy tractor.

Over the decades, John Deere pioneered many features we still see in tractors today, including quick attach implements in 1945, power steering in 1954, and roll guards for overturn protection in 1966.

With over 60,000 employees, the company continues play a major part in agriculture.

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