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Understanding Gun Laws


By Phil De Land

Gun control in the United States is a hot topic right now.

With more and more mass shootings taking place, the public is crying for help, and rightfully so.

It only makes sense for people south of the boarder to finally want stricter laws put in place to make sure those shootings don't happen again.

What doesn't make sense is the outrage thrown at gun owners here in Canada.

We have stricter gun laws and regulations here than our neighbors to the south.

And yet, gun owners, enthusiasts and hunters get painted with the same brush as somebody who shoots up a school.

In Canada you have to take a full day course on gun safety following which you take a written and practical test.

Once you pass the tests there's a six week wait period to get your results and application.

After you fill out your application and mail it, along with your test results, to the RCMP there's another 28 day waiting period to find out if you're approved.

Safety and education in this country is fine and that's evident by the lack of mass shootings in this country.

To date the last shooting that killed more than 10 people was in 1989.

Between 1989 and now, there's been 12 in America.

It's important for us to take an interest and be informed out what the States do but it's equally important to understand our own laws.

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