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By Catherine Thompson

I have recently discovered a new term.
Have you heard of Neo-generalist or know what it means?
A lady in my workout classes recently introduced me to this concept.
I simply, or so I thought, asked her what she does for work.
She told me she does a number of things that expand on her various talents and expertise.
I didn't quite follow so she elaborated by saying she doesn't like to be confined or judged by one job or another.
That's when the term Neo-generalist came up. One definition I found says such a person is one who lives and works between categories and labels.
I like that. The more I look into what this means, the more I realize I too can be called a Neo-generalist. I may have one employer, unlike my friend, but I play many different roles in that job.
I also use my talents in other ways outside my main job.
And this friend has further educated me by explaining that it can be offensive to ask someone what they do.
She says if one was to reply that they are a server or another pre-conceived profession that they might be looked down upon.
This is good advice. From now on, when I am at an event or a party, instead of asking what they do, I will ask what their interests are. This could definitely open up interesting conversations.

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