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By Fadi Didi

The generation that helped you set up your Facebook account, and check the voicemail on your phone, is expanding their horizons.

They're now referred to as Generation "Z" -- or the iGeneration -- and they come after millennials, who were born between the 80s and 2000.

The iGeneration is the first to be completely unfamiliar with a world without the internet, smartphones, and a constant stream of information.

Some of us older Canadians might say these circumstances has caused an entire generation to have short attention spans.

Isn't that what they said when the TV was invented?

I first noticed how socially aware the iGeneration was when I started with Bayshore Broadcasting in 2012.

A group of ninth grade students in my town organized a walk-out, in solidarity with their teachers -- who had just formed a picket line opposing Bill 115.

The two kids I spoke with had a firm grasp of the bill, and what it meant for their teachers, and their extracurriculars.

We're seeing this again -- in a big way -- in Florida.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland are lashing out at their elected officials for standing by while the need for gun control measures — which could have saved countless lives — was ignored.

What these politicians failed to recognize is these children have grown up in a training centre for media warfare -- and understand how to utilize every media platform to their advantage.

Even scarier -- they're armed with facts.

Be warned -- the revolution WILL be televised, and it will be live, from your smartphone.

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