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Progressive Conservative Cage Match


By Peter Jackson

MPPs have returned to Queen's Park after their winter break, responding to citizen concerns while some also geared up for a re-election bid.
When the winter break started, the governing Liberals were being painted by the Opposition Progressive Conservatives as the very personification of political evil.
The New Democrats watched quietly, as the other two went at each other in the Legislature in a continuing verbal cage match to the death.
The Tories seemed to be on cruise control, as an election victory on June 7th seemed all but assured on "The Peoples' Guarantee", and issues like high Hydro prices and Grit mismanagement.
Now, the Tories are fighting their own internal cage match in a spectacular meltdown following the PAtrick Brown fiasco.
Party members have exactly one month from today to choose from among former Cabinet minister Christine Elliott, former Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney, Tanya Granic-Allen -- and maybe Patrick Brown?.
Christine Elliott is the only leadership candidate with the required experience for the job and as Premier, even she would have a tough time keeping everyone in line.
The only other really semi-serious possibility is Doug Ford.
While many voters would like to see Trump Lite leading the province, perhaps Ford Nation should stay within the friendly confines of the Big Smoke.
This is how suddenly and embarrassingly bad things have become for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

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