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Defence Is The New Four Letter Word


By Ken Hashizume

I want to introduce to you the latest sexist, racist, homophobic, the most offensive word in the dictionary. Defense. To borrow the title of a TV show, defense is the new 4-letter word.
You don't have to listen to Rush Limbaugh to understand the Second Amendment. Even a fifth grader is able to grasp the concept of defending one's self from an attack. But it appears there are some former high-ranking law enforcement officials who believe it should be against the law to do so. They think you have no right to fight back like they do in the US. Ask Gerald Stanley if he would like to have that kind of guarantee as a citizen of a country.
Don't like people carrying guns? How about more policing? The real reason there have been hardly any mass school shootings in Canada is because of a large police presence, not gun control. But we'll see how confident parents will be now that the Toronto District School Board have caved in to activists and removed police officers from schools.
Defense is not just about weapons. I don't need to remind you about the sexual misconduct allegations against former PC leader Patrick Brown. There is a segment of our society that thinks we should all believe the victims. Don't need to prove a thing, right? If it only worked that way in a free society.
Pretty soon defense will be up there with tobacco, Redskins, and "in all thy sons command" in the offensive lexicon. People think the world needs more Canada. What Canada really needs now is more D.

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