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Withstanding Challenges


By Fadi Didi

Crop and livestock sectors could also benefit from a relatively low Canadian dollar.

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With global GDP expected to increase 3.7 per cent this year, Canadian producers could have some stability to withstand any challenges they may face.

An economic specialist with Farm Credit Canada says the crop and livestock sectors could also benefit from a relatively low Canadian dollar.

And from a trade standpoint, producers may want to keep an eye on the NAFTA renegotiations.

Farm Credit Canada says a renegotiated agreement could alter existing dispute settlement procedures and has the potential to shift the value of the Canadian dollar.

However, the existing CETA and CPTTP agreements are expected to provide producers with increased market access across the world, including in Japan and Europe.


An insurance specialist with Heartland Farm Mutual says when building a barn, farmers can include certain details in the building plans to reduce the risk of fires.

Jim Zyta says making firewalls part of the barn's construction and separating buildings by at least 80 feet can help to prevent fires from spreading.

He says farmers can also take risk management steps before construction begins.

Zyta says before the cement is poured, he believes the insurance company's risk inspection department should be involved with the contractor and fire department on the construction plan.

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