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The Colten Boushie Case


By David McLaren

Anger in First Nations’ country has turned to rage over the acquittal of Gerald Stanley for shooting Colten Boushie. And I can see why.

Here’s what we know …
- Boushie was passed out in the cab of the truck when he was shot in the back of his head.
- Stanley said his pistol just went off. The police examined it but couldn’t get it to hang fire. - I’ve handled semi-automatic pistols (at a gun club). They might misfire, but none I used delayed fire after I pulled the trigger.
- When the RCMP came to Boushie’s mother’s home to inform the family of his death, they spent more time searching her house than consoling her.
- Stanley’s defence lawyer dismissed ALL prospective jurors if they even looked Native.

I don’t know about you, but if it were my son in a box, my emotions would be pretty raw at this point.

Then, as though to rub salt in an open wound, the racists opened fire …
A Council member from nearby Browning said Mr Stanley’s “only mistake was leaving three witnesses.”
Farmers with Firearms (started after the Boushie killing) wants ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.
An RCMP officer posted on social media that Boushie “got what he deserved.”

Do not think this is Saskatchewan’s problem. During the time I worked with First Nations I saw it play out in Oka, in Ipperwash, and in the Bruce Peninsula. The common spark? Land – whose was it, whose is it, whose should it be?

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