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Bad Cold And Flu Season


By Ian MacLennan

There is something Canadians like to talk about on social media other than moaning about the winter weather.
It's their health!
A qualifier:  I have cold.
You know the kind,  stuffy noise, dry cough,  spacy feeling,  waiting on the couch for that St. Bernard to drop around with the Neo Citran.
Google the commercial if you don't know what I mean.
It has been a bad winter for flu, colds, stomach bugs, you name it.
I have had several friends and colleagues go down in recent days with their personal version of the plague.
Posting symptoms on Facebook,  bemoaning the fact they just got over a cold and have another one,  or seeking out remedies that might make them feel better, or it's the worst bug they have ever caught, and sometimes pointing a finger of blame.
I think it's a strength in numbers sort of thing.
Sometimes just as comforting as a warm blanket and chicken noodle soup when you are sick,  is reaching out on social media,  to tell people you feel like crap, and making the discovery that a good number of your Facebook friends are just as sick as you,  or are over the worst or have made a complete recovery.
I have not posted on Facebook or Twitter about my cold.
I took the old fashioned route.
I called my 88 year mother and turned into a six year old boy.
Laid out my symptoms to her over the phone, and sought that comforting feeling only a mom can give as I remember as a child.
Her advice was a little more blunt than I can recall as a kid.
Basically,  rest and don't visit me.
If I don't feel better by Sunday,  I may have to resort to Facebook, if not for a cure,  at least for a bit of sympathy.

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