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By Jill Young

A woman in Ontario is suing her ex-common law husband for lottery winnings.

She says even though they always bought the tickets together, her former partner has denied they'd won the $6 million dollars on a Lotto 649 ticket.

Meanwhile, she's still waiting for her half, which is tied up in a court battle and he already got his 3 million - after he allegedly ran off with the winning ticket.

She says he told her he was leaving town for a job, but he took everything with him and moved out.

Now she's in court trying to get her half.

And I don't blame her.

How does someone get away with this? I mean I know that OLG asks people to fill out a form for group lotto plays, but this case is a little different.

This guy just decided he wanted it all for himself, and in my view he's just asking for some bad karma to come his way.

The ticket was worth 6 million dollars....SIX.... that means there's more than enough to spare.

In my mind, he has no right to run off with the would be easier just to give her some than to draw it out in court.

They were together two years, they lived together, made plans together....and the bought the tickets regularly - together.

So really the next step would share those winnings together.

I really hope she wins this lawsuit.

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