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Political Hypocrisy

By Mariane McLeod

Today's roundup of hypocrisy might take more than a hot minute.

I've heard some people saying how unfair it is that poor Patrick Brown lost his prominent job over mere allegations of sexual impropriety. But I don't hear from those same people much concern about women who lose early-career chances because of stuff said about them at work. 

Brown's not charged with anything, but neither are women who get overlooked or let go because men at the office allege they are 'difficult to work with' or 'can't take a joke'.

Then there is the rallying around Caroline Mulroney for PC leader in Ontario. She with great hair and a powerful name. Don't you find it odd her support comes from some of the very people who have been slamming another political child for his lack of experience, and who say he only got where he is, on his name?

And then there's the incredible hot mess of hypocrisy roiling the US, where the Republicans demanded donations from Harvey Weinstein to the Democrats be returned, but don't seem to be writing cheques to return the money from their own accused fundraising leader, Steve Wynn.

Can we stop with the tribalism, whether it's to a political party or a gender, and start thinking about outcomes? Rather than thinking about how your team might win, maybe we could think about how we all might win, with sensible policies and a little less game-playing.

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