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Farms dot com Precision Ag Conference


By Fadi Didi

Insight into the latest inventions and breakthroughs.

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More than 40 guest speakers are on hand this week for a two-day "Farms dot com Precision Ag Conference."

It is aimed at engaging farmers and giving them insight into the latest inventions and breakthroughs.

Norbert Beaujot and Trent Meyer, the president and executive vice-president of DOT Technologies, will be introducing DOT's autonomous farming system to Ontario for the first time.

And conference attendees are interested in how autonomous farming can improve efficiency in the fields.

An agronomy specialist, Chris Hunt says there is some real potential there to make things a little easier on the farm.


The U.S. Public Interest Research Group is pressuring McDonald's to source its pork and beef from farms that use no medically important antibiotics.

McDonald's has gone antibiotic-free for chicken and the research group says 14 of the 25 largest restaurant chains have also done that for chicken.

Antibiotics program director, Mathew Wellington says McDonald's has a vague long-term plan in place but protecting antibiotics requires action, not reaction.

Restaurants such as Subway have made pushes to go antibiotic-free with some or all of their menu items

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