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Tools For Self-Improvement


By Catherine Thompson

By now you are likely aware that I am all about self improvement.
And through my journey lately, I have come across two relatively new tools to help you organize and achieve your goals.
I recently attended a workshop where we all made our own vision boards.
While I never pass up an opportunity for arts and crafts, I really did find it beneficial to focus the most important goals in pictures or powerful words on my board. But the best part was writing the dates I will achieve these goals on the back of my board.
At this Make 2018 Your Year workshop I was also drawn to something two of the participants had brought with them.
This brings me to the second tool I spoke of at the beginning.
It's the bullet or passion journal. It sounds complicated and looks like too much work to me.
You start with a blank journal that has dotted pages. This allows you to make and use graphs to track your spending, or your work outs and healthy eating habits.
You detail your to dos and tasks completed on a separate page for each day.
Really, you can set it up however you like, including pages for books to read and movies to see.
I like this last part, but I don't like the time it would take me to create this journal and keep it up to date.
So out of these two life organization tools, I give a thumbs up to the vision board and thumbs down to the bullet journal.

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