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Greater Sexual Awareness


By Fadi Didi

It seems we're living in an age of greater sexual awareness.

For the last two years, we've seen some of the largest peaceful demonstrations in the world, as Women's Marches took place across the globe.

Sexual awareness isn't a bad thing, but it's interesting to hear men comment on the recent push toward equal rights.  With sexual assault allegations taking a front seat in the 24-hour news cycle, some men feel on edge around women, fearing their actions could be misconstrued as inappropriate.

I blame this on a lack of ability by some men to read non-verbal signals.  There also seems to be a misplaced feeling their privilege is being revoked when, really, it's being equalized.

An example of taking things too far is the upcoming smartphone app LegalFling.  The app lets you send a text to a would-be fling, asking if they consent to a sexual act.  In theory, this app is bullet proof, because it provides documentation that everyone involved in a sexual encounter is consenting.  Except it doesn't work -- because that's not how consent works.  If someone consents to a sexual act, they can revoke consent at any time, regardless of whether they signed a contract, or swiped right on their phone.

But we can all agree -- whether you support text-message consent, or feel like we're being too sensitive -- simply talking about our sexual awareness is a good thing, regardless of what sparks the conversation.

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