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Ontario Political Landscape Rocked

By Kevin Bernard

Ontario's political landscape has been shaken to its core and its anyones 
guess how the election this June will turn out now.

If you haven't heard the news, an earthquake and tsunami hit the 
Progressive Conservative party late last night.

CTV News broke the story about two women making allegations of sexual 
misconduct against PC leader Patrick Brown. 

As the story broke, Patrick Brown held a very brief news conference to deny 
all the allegations. 

In today's climate, no one survives these kind of allegations and continues 
to work, especially in a leadership role.

Right or wrong, the die has been cast and Brown should focus on addressing 
the charges and clearing his name if he can.

Leading the PC's ... could be leading them to disaster at the polls, ending 
up perhaps with 3rd party status.

It leaves a huge challenge for the Conservative party, with the election 
less than 5 months away.

And with this political earthquake and tsunami hitting Queens Park, would 
the NDP be seen now as a more credible alternative to the Wynne government 

It could make for an interesting election this spring.

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