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The Power Of Kindness


By Claire McCormack

A couple of summers ago, my five year old niece and I were sitting around the campfire telling tales about magic and superpowers.
She said "People don't have any special powers."
That statement left me a little disappointed.
On some level, I didn't want to believe that.
I didn't want her to think we're lesser ---mere mortals.
Besides, a person who is hungry or cold doesn't need someone who can fly or who has excellent sword skills. That wont do them any good.
They just want to be warm. They want to eat something.
I think humans do have a unique power and it can change our world drastically---- kindness.
Think of Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., people who changed the world, history's heroes.
There is a handful of First Nation people who are walking from Cape Croker on the Bruce Peninsula across the country.
They're doing it to raise awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women.
Believe it or not, women can't hold their breath waiting for Spiderman or Wonderwoman to rescue them. They need everyone to stop accepting their murders and disappearances now.
One of the prayer walkers, Branden Emmerson said along with telling the stories of these women, one of their goals is to encourage men to pick up traditional roles as protectors of elders women and children. He said that's a big request because it also requires a lot of uncomfortable conversations, adding we all know someone who needs to be talked to about respecting women.
That's what a hero looks like.
Instead of spending that 12 dollars at the movies to see some shield carrying lightning shooting comic book character, it would be worth everyone's while to give that money to a real hero who is willing to fight a real problem.
The end result will be far more impressive.
I hope we take their narrative and walk as far as we can with it.
And I hope my niece doesn't grow up so much that she's unable to see that sort of courage and kindness itself is magic.
That each of us has that superpower, we just need to believe we can use it.

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