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Honouring Winners, Not Politics


By Phil De Land

January is a time for New Years resolutions and awards.

With the Golden Globes behind us and the Academy Awards right around the corner one thing is clear...the shows have become less about the awards and more about the political hot topic.

Many celebrities turned out to the Golden Globes dressed in black in support of the "Me Too" movement shaking Hollywood.

However, those that weren't in black, or didn't address the movement in their speech, have received criticism from other personalities or online pundits.

The shows are there to acknowledge a person or persons achievement in film, music or television.

While I understand it's also a national platform and probably the easiest way for somebody to get their message across, it also takes away from the entire point of the shows.

At the Globes actress Nathalie Portman took it on herself to make a jab at the 'all male nominees for best director.'

Whether in jest or being serious it wasn't totally necessary as suddenly it brought attention to something that wasn't actually there.

The Globes, the Oscars and the Emmy's are a time to celebrate and honour the hard work put forward by performers, directors, crew members, editors and everybody else involved in the making of what we call entertainment.

Last year it was all about "Hollywood white washing"...this year its "sexual harassment" and next year it will be something new.

This isn't to downplay the severity of each of these topics as both are and have been issues in Hollywood for a long time.

But there's a time and place for each of those and each topic has been and was dealt with outside of the the awards ceremony.

Eventually people who tune in will stop doing so because they don't want a political agenda shoved down their throat.

Eventually people who care about the awards will just read about them online to avoid whatever the trigger word of the day is.

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