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Happy Not To Avoid Timmies

By John Christie

I am relieved that I can tell you what ISN'T happening in my home town.

After extensive research, also known as lunch at Tim Horton's, I am happy to inform you that our local franchise operators are NOT part of the rogue bunch who have yanked benefits and paid breaks away from their staff in retaliation to the new Ontario minimum wage level. 

As we ordered lunch, I asked the question, and the answer from our server was that staff continued to be well looked after by their bosses.

I'm glad for THEM, and for ME. Because I didn't want to be faced with boycotting yet another enterprise because of shoddy employee treatment, or, worse, abandoning workers totally. 

I have been pretty faithful in not buying Hershey's Chocolate since they pulled out of Smiths Falls, Ontario. 

The cereal I consume in the morning is not Kelloggs, since they similarly abandoned London. 

The baked beans in my cupboard do not bear the name Heinz, after they left Leamington in the lurch. 

So I'm happy that, on top of all those, I DON'T have to walk away from our local Timmy's. 

Unfairness might have reared its head at certain other franchise locations, but in our town, it isn't happening. I'm glad I asked the question. 

Maybe you can too, where YOU live.

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