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An OHL Trade Deadline Special



The Ontario Hockey League Trade Deadline expired yesterday and when the dust from the recent transactions settled, it was hard to tell who was who.

The Kingston Frontenacs look amazingly like the London Knights.

Plus, the Hamilton Bulldogs bear only a slight resemblance to what they looked like at the start of the season.

This may be for the good of the league, that is, the first time I can remember so many Western Conference stars were dispatched to Eastern Conference clubs.

Still, the Sault Greyhounds of the West look very much like the team to beat after their major acquisitions from Erie.

Did I like the trading season this year ? No.

I certainly get the moves that teams like the Otters & North Bay made- teams that were well back in their Conference and needed seeds to plant for future seasons.

What I'll never understand or endorse is the gutting of a team for the promise of a brighter tomorrow when in fact today looks pretty appealing.

Windsor may be a special case, yet the players and the organization worked hard to get to a Top 4 position in the Western Conference only to scorch the earth.

And the London shuffle was also curious in that the Knights on a 7 game point streak were just 5 points back of division leading Kitchener with 3 head-to-head games this month against the Rangers when the Knights elected to get younger...

And Guelph trading with Kitchener.....?

It may the protocol for Ontario Hockey League teams these days to reboot for tomorrow, but I find it puzzling in a  number of cases no matter how it's rationalized.

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