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World Junior Hockey Impact


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The World Junior Hockey Championship at Buffalo covered a wide spectrum.

The attendance was awful, a visual eye-sore with so many empty seats even for the host games featuring a very good team from the United States.

The outdoor game was truly a marvellous spectacle, one that won't soon be forgotten. But was it good for hockey ? Was it good for Junior Hockey ? You can debate that.

What you can't debate is the impact the World Junior Tournament has on the participants.

Sunday afternoon at Oshawa, just as I finished my pre-game interviews, I walked down the corridor and encountered returning Owen Sound Attack forward Jonah Gadjovich.

The fabulous arena in Oshawa was hard pressed to contain the smile on Gadjovich's face. And later, he displayed his Gold Medal for Team Canada and there was no doubt what a prized artifact it was for everyone involved.

And the positive impact of the tournament isn't restricted to the winners.

While downcast about Belarus being relegated to a lower pool for next year, Owen Sound forward Maksim Sushko stated firmly it was the greatest experience of his life, and on the ice in his return to the Attack lineup he played at an elevated level.

There were warts and blemishes at Buffalo for the World Junior Hockey Championship Tournament, but you'd never know it from the reaction of the two returning Attack forwards; Gadjovich & Sushko.

I'm Fred Wallace

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