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Rage Against The Minimum Wage


By Ian MacLennan

Rage against the minimum wage.

Or at least the 21 per cent increase from $11.60 14 dollars an hour that kicked in New Year's Day in Ontario.

The pros and cons against an increase in the minimum wage is endless, and Tim Hortons was severely punished on social media, when it was reported the billionaire children of the donut chain co-founder had slashed employee benefits and ended paid breaks due to the spike in minimum wage, and lack of support from head office and the government.

A number of small business owners have warned the increase,  too fast and too quick will kill jobs.

Others said working at a minimum wage job should be considered a starter position and not a career.

While several other provinces are contemplating an increase in minimum wage this year,  Ontario is the test case, with another jump to $15 an hour in 2019.

The Bank of Canada has warned minimum wage increases in the country in 2018 will wipe out 60,000 jobs, while the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario predicts 50,000 jobs are toast here in the province.

Premier Wynne weighed in on the Tim Hortons situation, calling the cuts, the act of a bully, and those comments were copied on Monday by The Minister of Labour.

A recent survey found 60 per cent of Ontarians approve of the minimum wage hike.

Hate to fence sit, but time will tell, and someone will get to say I told you so.

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