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Divisional Woes


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace from the 52nd annual Grey Bruce Farmers Week in Elmwood with " Off the Wire ".

Today is one of those segments where you're going to roll your eyes and say " No Guff, Fred '.......but it bears noting.

The best 2 seasons in the 29 year history of the Owen Sound franchise in the Ontario Hockey League were 2010-11 and last year.

Of course, in 2011, Owen Sound finished 1st in the Western Conference and went on to win the OHL title.

Last year, while there was no championship, the Attack did establish a franchise record for regular season points before falling to a bolstered Erie Otters squad in the Western Final.

Not coincidentally in those 2 seasons, Owen Sound had terrific marks against the rivals they face most often, particularly Guelph & Barrie.

In 2010-11, the Attack won all 6 games with Barrie and went 6 & 2 against the Storm.

Last year, Owen Sound finished with 5 straight wins against Guelph, going 6 & 2 overall and once again won all 6 meetings with the Colts.

Which brings us to this year........Owen Sound currently on a 6 game losing streak is 0 & 3 against Barrie and also 0 & 3 against Guelph.

Furthermore, within the Midwest Division, Owen Sound has lost 9 straight divisional matches dating back to October 27th, plus if you count the 6 games annually with Barrie as pseudo divisional games, that skid is 12 straight losses which explains to a large degree why Owen Sound is barely lodged in a playoff position.

Yes, there are factors, but in the end, the won-loss record is the ultimate and only testament that matters, and the Attack need wins, divisional or otherwise this weekend starting Guelph.

From the 52nd annual Grey Bruce Farmers Week at Elmwood, I'm Fred Wallace.


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