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A Time Like, And Unlike, Many In History


By Ross Kentner

In our Canada today there is never a shortage of things to criticize...but let us not end our sesquicentennial with hearts frozen by the blast of winter that has gripped the true north strong and free!  Forget the Parliament Hill rink that was too cold for a brass monkey and focus on the Northwest Passage, so free of ice it is being used by the cruise lines.  

This is a time like any in history...full of challenges, full of opportunities.  But it is a time like no other...a time when people the world over are looking to Canada for hope and leadership.  Their former beacon is a house divided, building walls and cutting down bridges.  

Let's take one last look back at our first 150 years.  You tell me that Canada is not destined to play an increasingly critical role in world affairs.  We're small but mighty!  Now, take a long look ahead...2058...2118!  It starts here and, really, it's more of the same.  Soldier on...together.  God keep our land glorious and free.

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