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Doing Your Homework Before The Vote


By John Divinski

How often have you muttered to yourself after a politician or a political party makes what you believe, to be a bad move?
You might say to yourself, "If only it was an election year, I'd show them how unhappy I am, with my vote."
2018 provides you just that opportunity BUT you've got to do your homework.
The year is only 3-days old and before January is done, most New Year's resolutions that were made, will be broken and discarded.
Here's a chance to make an unusual resolution.
Resolve in 2018 to follow the issues of the day nationally, provincially and locally.
Resolve to study the background and platforms of all candidates and all political parties before you cast that all important ballot.
Remember, you don't have to vote for a winner, but you need to be comfortable with your vote, win or lose.
Resolve to put these dates in your planner or phone.
The Ontario provincial election is June 7th; your municipal election is October 22nd.
A Federal election won't be held until October, 2019 so that gives you almost two years to bone up on the federal issues.
Remember, if you vote after studying the issues in any election, your vote will be the right one, no matter what the outcome.
Now, resolve to get to work.

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