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Antibiotics Rules Change


By Fadi Didi

Animal Health Coalition warns farmers Canada is changing rules for some livestock antibiotics.


The Canadian Animal Health Coalition is sending out a reminder to farmers, warning them Health Canada is changing the rules about some common livestock antibiotics.

Currently, livestock can be given plenty of antibiotics without a prescription; drugs like penicillin and tetracy-cline are available over the counter for producers.

But with growing concern from regulators and medical professionals about anti-microbial resistance (AMR), where bacteria and pathogens develop resistance to antibiotics, the government agency is moving to curb unrestricted access to antibiotics.

Up until now, Livestock farmers could simply buy antibiotics and use them on their animals.


The 2013 porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) outbreak in the United States might have been more than an unfortunate accident.

According to the FBI, it might have been agricultural terrorism.

FBI special agent and veterinarian Stephen Goldsmith told attendees at the World Organization for Animal Health's conference on biological threats in Ottawa recently, its hard to explain otherwise how the virus ended up in the U.S.

The virus, which is mostly lethal to piglets, exploded in the U.S. and rapidly spread to Ontario.

It had reached Ontario by Jan. 23rd of 2014, and five months later, there had been 62 cases of PEDV in Ontario.

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