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Weather Ain't Climate

By Mariane McLeod

Maybe you're smart and have stopped following the tweets from the US President. 

That would be a good thing to do, not only for your sanity, but perhaps for your blood pressure and your grasp on reality.

One of the latest outpourings of drivel and vitriol came last night, during this record-setting cold snap affecting the eastern half of North America, and nowhere else.

Donald Trump confirmed he's a climate-science denier by saying the cold weather is proof that global warming isn't happening, proving once again, he has an understanding of the world that ends at the tip of his nose, right before the mirror.

Weather isn't climate and the man with his hand on the nuclear codes should be clever enough to know that.

About 24 hours before Trump's tweet, Scientists in Washington noted, also on twitter, that the rest of world -- quote- will be much warmer than normal lest anyone try to claim pocket of cold debunks global warming, which they will invariably and irresponsibly do. 

And Trump invariably and irresponsibly did.

An apple isn't a banana, and a cold spell is not proof climate change is less than real.

Let your new year's resolution, if you're making one, be to understand some stuff before you talk about it. What's that old phrase? Oh, yeah: "It's better to keep quiet and let them think you're a dummy than open your twitter account and remove all doubt."

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