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By Catherine Thompson

How would you rate customer service while you were doing your Christmas and Boxing Day shopping?

It's really important to me and while we have many local businesses where you always get a smile and polite service, I have been thinking about how it has been declining.

This observation came to light for me even more after my trip to Orlando, Florida.

While I did only go to the Universal Studios parks and my hotel, I was amazed at how well my friend and I were treated.

From the hotel front desk to the hotel restaurant and stores, to security and ticket checking at the park entrances, there was always a smile, a compliment or kind word and an offer to do even more for us if it was needed.

We found the best service we have ever encountered by our servers at a few restaurants in Citywalk and in the parks. We really felt special.

The more I would tell people about my experiences once I was home, the more I heard similar stories of better customer service in the U.S. compared to Canada.

Some have told me about amazing service at truck stops in the United States and others about how good they were treated at stores and malls.

Again, I'm not saying customer service is bad in Canada, but I do think it has not been given enough attention over the last few years. It needs to become a priority to keep customers going to stores instead of only shopping online.

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