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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Merry Christmas.

It's a time of giving and I hope the gifts, material and otherwise, that you've presented this year and through the years are accepted and acknowledged gratefully by those who receive them.

Maybe it's the time of the season or simply the passing of time, but I consider myself to be fortunate.

There will be time this weekend with friends and with family both here and there. I'll drive Christmas Wish is that everyone out there does likewise. Please stay safe.

In terms of gifts, I know that I've been well rewarded this year and for many years and not just at Christmas.

I get to see close to 80 OHL games per season, half of which are at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore among people I know and know well....some I know TOO well !!

The other half of those games are on the road and there's always somebody familiar in each stop to share a story and a laugh with.

It's often hard to do tell what's more enjoyable; an Attack home game or a road game.

The same applies many other days and nights on a yearly at Nordic ski days, bowling events, banquets, Hall of Fame nights, lacrosse at every age bracket, certainly warm nights at Hanover Raceway and at Cross Country meets throughout the Fall.

From that regard, I consider myself lucky on a yearly basis, not just at Christmas- but Christmas time gives all of us just enough time to reflect on what was, what is and what can be good in all of our lives.

Again, Merry Christmas.

I'm Fred Wallace

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