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Carrying Corporations On Our Shoulders


By Ross Kentner

Usually I get what's going on in politics.  I didn't get it when Finance Minister Bill Morneau wanted the CRA to come down on people who might get a free hamburger in their part-time McJob.   

Now, I get it.  We working stiffs are the cash cow!   A Toronto Star/Corporate Knights investigation reveals that for every dollar of income tax paid by corporations, you and I are paying $3.50!  Way back in 1952, corporations and individuals contributed equally to income tax.  Since then, the gap has steadily widened, until today, we the people, carry corporations on our shoulders.  What a shock to learn that the great Canadian banks, with profits of double digit billions, pay tax in a range of 10 to 17 percent.  Compared to 26 percent for the average Canadian.  

Lowering corporate taxes is supposed to create jobs, finance research and development and the benefits were to "trickle down" to us.  But corporations have exported our jobs, paid their CEOs double digit millions and, like the unfaithful servant in the parable, buried their talents in the ground.  

Looks like the end game is elimination of the middle class.

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