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Being A Democracy


By Matt Hermiz

Are we a democracy?

In the simplest of terms, democracy is the rule of majority.

A system in which the citizens elect their government. A system, in which we choose.

It's no secret the Canadian Senate is far from democratic.

Appointed, not elected, parliamentarians who provide sober second-thought on new legislation.

A system not so troubling when it acts as more of a rubber stamp.... a more symbolic part of the process, as we were taught by our elementary school teachers.

But, that hardly seems the case now.

Senators look to be more and more involved in making decisions. More willing to act and utilize power to affect law ... contrary to our grade school understanding of the Upper House.

Just this week we saw new airline legislation not quite grounded, but delayed  -- laws that will open the door to fines for airlines for overbooking, or damaging luggage.

And we continue to hear about the Conservative threat to stall bills that will legalize marijuana.

That may mean no green on red and white day next year! Not the happiest 151st, Canada. Who knows when our friendly neighborhood pot shops will open doors if the senate has its way?

This isn't a new issue. Senate reform has long flashed in and out of the headlines, but never met with a determined government effort to amend our constitution.

There's nothing wrong questioning, scrutinizing or even squashing bills brought forward by government.

But there's something terribly wrong with allowing those who we've not chose, to do it.

If our government has a senate, WE should choose its senators.

For better or for worse, let democracy rule.

Who are they to decide otherwise?

I'm Matt Hermiz, making waves.

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