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Making Waves

A Twist On A Classic


By Claire McCormack

In honour of our ever changing Christmas habits, I've written a twist on a classic for you....

Twas ten days before Christmas and all over the globe, packing tape screeched and weighing scales groaned. 

Canada Post workers in their busiest year, had piles of packages up past their ears.

Over a million delivered a day, warehouses so stuffed there's a pick up delay. 

Cargo planes painted with big FedEx logos wait by UPS jets full of snow globes and Yo-yo-s.

Out by the runways, the baggage trucks clatter with brown cardboard packages tossed up a ladder. 

Now Paypal, Now Purolator, Now Amazon, Shopzilla  

On E-Bay, on Google, Kijiji and VISA 

Take a break elves, let's use the Amazon drone, 

I can track its location right on my smart phone.

Instead of chimneys, it's doorsteps and post office boxes,

Nestled in packages, stuffed bears and stuffed foxes.

If you buy enough items to rival St Nick, a free shipping option appears with a click.

You can shop in your kerchief you can shop in your cap, you can shop as you drift off for a long winter's nap. 

But the secret to this---if you look at it people would rather not shop, in fact, we hate it mostly. 

A click of a mouse gets it out of the way, leaving you free to continue your day.

Visit your family, take your dog sledding, get to know someone then plan out your wedding. 

Don't want to let shop window gazing replace fruitcake glazing?

All this time we've just bought is really amazing!

No need to stress of lose sleep at night, 

Now you've got hours to wonder if consumerism is right,

While you look at the stars and wish UPS a good flight. 

Making Waves, I'm Claire McCormack.

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