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Glimmer of Hope


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

As the day commences, the Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League sit 8th in the Western Conference standings.

As the season unfolds, the Attack approach the mid-point of the hockey year in a position that nobody, certainly not me, anticipated they'd be in, that is looking over their shoulder at Erie and Flint while looking up at teams that have run away on them or are close to running away on them.

We've documented many times over the first 3 months of the season the issues that are afflicting the we can add injuries and absentees to that list.

Is the scenario hopeless for Owen Sound ? Is the Attack season lost ?


Or maybe not.

The glimmer of hope that I see is in the schedule.

The Attack have 39 games to play, 18 of which, almost half, are against Eastern Conference teams, a Conference that the Attack are 6 & 0 head to head to this point in the season.

That doesn't mean that tonight's game at Barrie is a gimme, far from it.

Furthermore, of the other 21 games remaining, 2/3rds are against MidWest Division teams, and of those 14 games, 9 are on home ice.

So, if, and it's always a BIG ' IF ', but if the Attack can beat the East and hold strong at home, the unexpected season may be altered to the season we anticipated last May.

I'm Fred Wallace

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