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Making Waves

Learning Something From Our Kids

By John Christie

I like what I am seeing among today's high school students.  

Not the ones standing and smoking outside the school.  

But the ones who are mixing with members of the other sex.  

It looks to me like boys actually have girls who are friends and vice versa.  

And they really and truly talk to each other.    

Presumably, they listen too! Which is a lot different than in the dark ages when I went to school.  

Then, the boys mingled with their own, and so did the girls.  

Oh, quite a few had a boyfriend or girlfriend, but we didn't have other-sex friends in general.  

From the young male side, girls seemed to be more like conquests than people.  

Guys asked each other...did you score?  

And they weren't talking about football. 

Many of us who graduated from that life didn't necessarily drop the attitude.  

And so we find ourselves now, hearing almost daily about the inappropriate actions of men in public, powerful life.  

I'm not excusing them.  

And I'm glad women are speaking up.  

We are way past the due date for honest talk with each other, our own gender and the other one, about an issue that has lingered for decades.  

As adults, some of us now even seniors, its time we grew up, and, just maybe, learned something from our kids.    

I'm John Christie, Making Waves. 


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