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Scared of Your Christmas Party?

By Mariane McLeod

There's been a lot of news in the last while about a big change in how we boys and girls play together at work.

Some men are getting scared.

They say they're afraid their friendliness is going to be interpreted incorrectly. 

They're afraid of going to their office Christmas party, in case someone accuses them of something untoward.

Now, they're not so afraid that they're lacing their keys through their fingers in the parking lot on the way to the party.

They're not so afraid that they're going to the washroom at the party in groups.

They're not taking self-defense classes, nor are they loading up their pockets with little containers of mace

We aren't setting up safehouses and a network of shelters for them, not yet anyway.

And no one is telling them to get special drug-reactive nail polish.

There isn't yet, a whisper campaign among men at the office about how to avoid so-and-so, and whether HR is going to be on your side, which it's not. 

So, not as afraid as women are, every single day. 

And they're not afraid of getting paid less or getting a smaller bonus when they're handed out at the party.

But still, let's for sure talk about the men and their feelings now that monsters who prey on women at work are finally being outed and ousted. Ya, definitely their fears and losses we should focus on.

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