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Roar of the Rings Wrap


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "

The Canadian Curling Association has to be overjoyed with the concept and the reality of selecting our representatives for the Winter Olympic Games.

The Roar of the Rings, the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials concluded yesterday at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

When the last rock had been tossed, Kevin Koe out of Calgary and Ontario's Rachel Homan were the champions in the men's and ladies divisions respectively.

Koe took the men's title with a tight 7-6 win over Mike McEwen from Winnipeg  while Homan, who's from nearby Kanata, also won a 1 rock victory nipping Chelsea Carey of Alberta 6-5

The Championship Finals were everything the Olympic Committee, the CCA and TV could ever hope for, that is, tight games with a very slight winning margin with so much on the line- a berth at the Olympic Games.

Plus, as satisfying as the finals were, the path to the Championships was long and notable and in my view, a major victory for the sport.

Through each qualifier over the course of the season, curling fans were given a steady diet of Canada's best performers all battling to get to the ultimate sporting stage in the World, which will be in South Korea very shortly.

I'm Fred Wallace

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