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Benefits Of Brick And Mortar Shopping


By Jill Young

How do you do your Christmas shopping? In store or online?

Either way it's a matter of personal choice, mine however ...has changed.

After being a strictly brick-and-mortar store shopper, I recently dabbled in the online shopping world.

It's something I don't plan on going back to anytime soon.

After a few purchases online, I felt the instant rush of easy shopping, never having to leave my home...thinking aloud "now THIS is convenience".

But, it's not.

If you're set on keeping what you got, it's fine, but if you're having to return items, I've learned, has been kind of a nightmare.

I recently bought two Christmas items online, and changed my mind not long after...and after calling the customer service line for the retailer, was told I could possible get a refund as it hadn't been processed yet.

Well I never got my refund...and my parcel is likely headed to my post office this week - despite my efforts. An email written to the Customer relations department was useless too, with a - somewhat - form letter being returned to me with the words "Dear Jill, we are sorry you are disappointed with your purchase."

This is the third time I've had a return issue, with a different retailer each time.

I've changed my mind....I'm definitely an in-person shopper, the kind that likes to browse the shelves and say hello to the friendly sales people...the kind that can ask a question on the spot, or try on the goods before buying.

Lets not forget too, shopping in your stores, whether they be small businesses or large stores, it supports jobs for our neighbours.

Not to mention the neighbour also probably cares a little bit more about your customer satisfaction, than a computer does.

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