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A Dark Day For Local Newspapers


By Ian MacLennan

The days of getting ink on your hands from reading the daily or weekly newspaper in some Ontario communites got a lot more difficult this week.
In particular, for people who like to know what's going on in their own backyard.
A deal, where no money exchanged hands, saw media giants Postmedia and Torstar swap publications and in turn, close many community newspapers.
No doubt, newspaper readership is in decline, as more and more people gobble up information off their phones and tablets.
And maybe there is no turning back the clock.
Off the 22 community newspapers sold by Torstar to Postmedia, only the Exeter Times-Advocate lived to see another print job.
Torstar bought eight community newpaper publications and seven daily newspapers and two free dailies from Postmedia, and only four were kept alive.
PostMedia CEO Paul Godrey gave the usual platitudes about how difficult it is to say goodbye to many dedicated newspaper people, while the head of TorStar in his statement, John Boynton, used that popular corporate catch phrase--synergies.
Sorry Meaford, Collingwood, Barrie, Orillia, etc etc.
If you still have a community newspaper in your hometown,  be sure to give it some love.
Because breaking up once  you realize it's gone forever, is really hard to do.

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