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Reducing Impaired Driving


By John Divinski

Alright, I want you to listen carefully because numbers are boring on the radio.

But you have to hear these numbers which come from the Ontario Provincial Police.

Since 2003, 987 people have died in Ontario through preventable alcohol and drug related collisions.

47% or 464 of them were innocent victims in the crashes.

The rest-523--were at- fault impaired drivers.

In 2017, so far 37 people have died in crashes where the driver is linked to booze or drugs. In those crashes, 19 are or were innocent victims.

2017 marks the 4th consecutive year to see a higher number of innocent people killed than impaired drivers who caused the collision.

Sobering numbers. Sobering results. Untold pain and tragedy.

Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere-that's the RIDE program-is underway for the holiday season.

Everything I've said up to here is your warning and my message.

Don't drink and drive. Don't drug up and drive.

Your life and those who may be affected by your foolishness will be changed forever

If you're going to drink during the partying season, then fill your boots BUT make arrangements to get home safely.

For those that will be stupid enough to drink and drive and ultimately kill themselves, after all the warnings and suggestions, I'll just say "Goodbye."

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