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By Mariane McLeod

Let's talk a little about fake news, shall we?
Donald trump uses the term to describe anything that isn't flattering to him, which isn't its actual definition.
Fake news is made-up stuff designed to change opinions and drum up chaos and upset and have swung the US presidential election last year, thanks to facebook and a russian troll army.

But - and give me credit for good intentions here, can we talk a little about Groundhog Day?
We all know that Groundhogs don't really predict the weather, but we in the news spend each February 2nd talking about the buck-toothed fellas as though their shadows actually had anything to do with anything.

There's another piece of fake news we push each year, too. A particular story told as though it's real and I'm not going to be the one who wrecks the secret. I'm too afraid of the moms and dads.

But. When we tell you government agencies are involved in an investigation of a certain flight on a certain night of the year that they are definitely not taking part in, how does that help the battle against the cries of, 'fake news!' When Canada Post recruits volunteers to write letters from a certain somebody, perhaps that's a clue to how the vulnerability to fake news is created.

Feel free to call me scrooge, but we need to be more careful about the actual fake news stories we've been telling, for fear of opening the door to the rest of them.

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