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The Progressive Conservative Platform


By Matt Hermiz

It all sounds good, and that may be good enough to win.

While still months away from June's provincial election, the Progressive Conservative Party began its campaign process by revealing its platform over the weekend.

More progressive than it is so conservative, Patrick Brown's people's guarantee offers tax cuts and savings on hydro bills -- all the while maintaining or increasing services.

Similar to the rhetoric that helped usher Justin Trudeau's Federal Liberals into power in 2015, the Tories look to be appealing to Ontario's middle class.

Headlining the core promises Brown vows to deliver: a 22 and a half per cent tax cut to those earning between 42,000 and 85,000 dollars annually.

That comes alongside a pledge to provide up to a 75 per cent refund to Ontario families on child care costs, plus a further 12 per cent reduction on Hydro Bills.

Not to mention the addition of 15,000 new long term care beds and 5-billion in new funding for Toronto's subway system.

Key commitments on key issues that have dogged the Wynne Liberals.

Apparently, the promised tax cuts can be achieved by ending the Liberals' cap and trade program in favour of a carbon tax.

The PC Plan comes with just one year of deficit spending, and a projection to return to balanced books by 2019-20.

It all sounds well and good -- large tax cuts and more investments on a balanced budget.

The question is, if elected, can the Tories deliver?

And as we're learning with Trudeau's Liberals, keeping promises seems to cost much more than originally thought.

But that may not matter. With a 20 point lead in recent opinion polls, for Patrick Brown's Progressive Conservatives, just sounding good, may be good enough to win.

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