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The Art of the Dealers


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Author Matthew DiBiase has written a second hockey book.

After examining the top NHL Coaches of all time in a previous book, DiBiase has followed up with " The Art of the Dealers- The NHL's Greatest General Managers ".

Through extensive interviews with both current and former NHL General Managers, DiBiase used a formula to rank those who have sat atop the hockey operations of NHL clubs.

It will come as little surprise that Sam Pollock of Montreal Canadiens fame is ranked # 1 followed by Detroit Red Wings legend Jack Adams.

In NHL circles, there's a trophy named for Jack Adams; it goes to the Coach of the Year.

Remarkably in the eyes of Matthew DiBiase, there's no trophy named for the top NHL General Manager in any given year, an oversight that he feels could easily be rectified if the award was known as the Sam Pollock Award.

Matthew DiBiase, " The Art of the Dealers- The NHL's Greatest General Managers. "

I'm Fred Wallace

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